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This is a great mental health support platform just set it up and bring mental health onto the front page.
School Well-being lead
We use our Safety Net as a learning platform for our staff and students. The platform also supports our RSE curriculum.
UK Academy trust

Course for optimising the journey through middle school

The number one course helping deliver the skills necessary to optimise attainment and overcome setbacks when they occur. 
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Frequently asked questions

Safety Net and Courses

Can I purchase the SafetyNet for my School?

If your school is looking to provide reliable mental health education and support for your students and staff, you can purchase the Safety Net mental health guidance and support site on an annual licence. Your students will instantly have individual access to a robust and comprehensive platform specifically designed to help them both understand and deal with issues they may face personally.

Can School staff use the Safety Net as a teaching resource?

Absolutely, in addition to access for your students and pupils all staff can use the mental health guidance and support site using as a teaching tool on the class whiteboard. It can even be used as the basis for a comprehensive Mental Health curriculum.

What age groups are the courses for? 

The Education courses in their final stage of development and are targeted in 2 specific areas the transition from Junior to Secondary school. "The journey to Big School" designed to help manage some of the big changes and challenges this event brings while also optimising the self-esteem of the pupil by finding out some key skills necessary for success in personal and performance related issues.

The second is a course supporting pupils when dealing with work and examination pressures. Targeted at KeyStage 4 predominantly but also KeyStage 5 all students post 14 would benefit.

How do I unlock my students potential? 

We are all performers and we all have Mental Health. What goes on in our heads affects everything we do from the way we feel to the way we perform in school lessons, in sport, in music and dance as well as examinations.

Knowing and understanding some of the psychological techniques  we can use to optimise our every day life and future performances goes a long way to make sure that we are able to deal with the challenges that inevitably come our way.